One of the first things to talk about Poros is that it’s actually two islands, Spheria – where the settlement is built – and the pine-clad Kalyvria, separated by very small channel. The pass of Poros is magical surrounded by pine trees, olive trees and lemon trees. The beauty of this place has impressed and has been praised by prominent literary people such as the nobelist Giorgos Seferis, Kosmas Politis, Kostis Palamas, Ioulia Dragoumi and the American writer Henry Miller.

10 “must see” Highlights of Poros

  •  Clock of Poros, stands on the highest peak of the hill(1927)
  • The old natural waterfall at Kardasi
  • Archeological Museum at Korizi square
  • Lemonodasos (En.Lemonforest) at Galatas
  • Poseidon’s Temple,the sacred asylum of Demosthenes
  •  Zoodochou Pigi Monastery (18th century)
  •  Neorio, the love port and the Russian Dockyard with the little island Daskalio
  •  Progymnastirio, the first residence of King Othon
  •  Sinikismos (Settlement) of Minor Asia refugees (1922)
  •  Citronne Gallery
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Photos: Credits to Maria loumou and Villa Karapoliti