• The wild landscape dotted with dovecotes,churches, stone walls, mills, cobbled streets and carved marbles
  •  Pilgrims from all over Greece and abroad harmonically allied with the hymns and prayers for Virgin Mary in the Sacred Church of the Megalohari
  •  The Mausoleum “Ellis” keeps part of the Italian torpedo that struck the Greek cruiser “Elli” on 14 August of 1940
  • The traditional Cycladic breakfast, which contains about 15 different things, from jams made by village women and eggs, cheeses and homemade cakes
  • Local Brands like beer Nissos, Gruyere of Tinos and T-oinos Wines tempt your walking tours all day around


Photo Credits
The Church: Humphrey van Lee – Flickr
Marble Boats: Petros Marmarinos – Website
Tinos WInes:Hmerisia
Breakfast: Greek Gastronomy Guide
Landscape: Nikos Desyllas – Flickr