“In the last few years, and especially after Athens hosting the documenta 14 international art exhibition, Athens is slowly but surely evolving into a dynamic, creative scene as well as an open field for expression and inclusive dialogue “
said the Athens city mayor Mr. George Kaminis at the press conference for the official launch of the cultural program “Athens 2018 – World Book Capital” which is believed to bring Athens at the center of global cultural Attention.
Even though Nobel Laureate Hertha miller and Jan Wagner have already been in Athens and Unofficially kicked off the annual program, “Athens 2018 – world book capital “ will officially start on the 23rd of April at Dionysiou Aeropagitou at 7.45 pm and later at the Herodion Theatre at 10.
The annual program will include over 250 free events all over Athens city involving as many cultural entities as possible. You can read more about “Athens 2018 – World book Capital “here :


Maybe one more reason to visit Athens This year?