Places, people, buildings, paths and stories make up the first online platform “Social Atlas of Athens” created to highlight and discuss issues related to social geography of Athens through various angles. An organized guide is divided into entries which comprise 15 thematic categories, 61 articles  and 74 authors-scientists, who in turn seek a dynamic approach to the social constitution of the capital, creating a rare and valuable research tool. Avoiding the logic of a conventional driver and referring more to how to use a dictionary or an encyclopedia, the reader has the opportunity of choosing between the thematic categories of “Atlas”, such as history, social structure, politics, economics, education, health, housing, ethnic groups, culture, built environment, planning, transport, infrastructure, neighborhoods and the social economy. Meanwhile, Omonia, Anafiotika, the Faliron Delta and Hippocrates Street are some of the areas that reveal the social changes. Moreover, depending on their interests, the reader is able to query entries with keywords such as author name, subject or category, and walk in the paths of Athens history.

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