Project Description

Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum is located on the city of Kalambaka, very close to Meteora.

Essentially, there are two museums housed in a building of 1100 m2 that host two permanent collections: The first one is about animals and contains approximately 350 species of mammals and birds, while the second one is about mushrooms and contains approximately 250 species of mushrooms.

Ιt is not just the quality of the exhibits that makes this Museum great, but also the way of presentation, which is unique for Greek standards and it can be compared with other similar European museums.

Also, as part of the effort to expand the Museum’s activity, there is an Artspace with a permanent exhibition of paintings and sculptures of local artists. The artists explore projects similar to Museum’s theme, connecting the natural and cultural heritage through their own artistic experience and way of expression.

Furthermore, your visit does not stop here! It continues to the Museum’s cafe where you can enjoy your coffee enjoying the view of the rocks of Meteora and it ends at the Museum’s souvenir shop where you can buy unique souvenirs, as well as a big variety of wild edible mushrooms of excellent quality, placed in a unique product packaging.

These products of Greek nature, having the logo and guarantee of the Museum, can be an ideal and a very tasty gift.
Most of the mushrooms are collected from surrounding areas, which are famous not only for their mushroom quantity, but also for the quality. Therefore, the Museum has compiled a list of activities related to mushrooms, which essentially constitutes a new touristic product and enriches uniquely the planned visit in the area of Meteora.

Visiting  Natural History Museum can be a unique experience.

List of things you can do in the museum:

  • Guided Tours
  • Taste Vegan Products at the cafe
  • Buy some souvenirs
  • Get photos with several exhibited animals (dioramas)
  • Visit the open art hall “Asproparis”
  • Join the Annual Mushroom Feast
  • participate the unique Truffle Hunting Program n forests and fields near the Museum
  • plan an educational program

Truffle Hunting at Meteora

A new experience for every visitor – Luxury for few becomes opportunity for many

The Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum is proposing an amazing experience: Truffle hunting under the rocks of Meteora! In the beautiful and unknown forests of the region, near the city of Kalampaka, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a unique truffle hunting, to taste a delicious pasta dish with truffles that are found by truffle dogs, to visit the Museum, to try various mushroom products and to try an exceptional local wine. This is a complete suggestion, which is unique in Greece. The comparison with similar foreign activities indicates qualitative and economically superiority. Experience the difference and enjoy!