Project Description

There is a dreamy, magical place hiding in the perfect valley in Southern Greece among idyllic vineyards, olive groves and citrus trees, just minutes away from the blue Mediterranean. The Kinsterna Hotel, once an impressive mansion and estate dating from Byzantine, Ottoman and Venetian times, has carefully been returned to its former glory with an air of luxury.

Overlooking the legendary castle rock of Monemvasia, the Kinsterna has revived centuries-old traditions such as winemaking and olive oil production, recreating the perfect model of sustainability. Fruit-bearing trees, fertile vegetable patches, aromatic herb gardens and the endless supply of spring water all help support this outstanding philosophy.

Beyond its fascinating history as a wealthy refuge and lord’s mansion over several centuries, the Kinsterna today is an all-year hotspot for excellent accommodation and holidays. Visit the wine cellar, experience the locally inspired treatments at the spa and sample the freshest Mediterranean recipes in a fine-dining atmosphere. A visit to the Kinsterna represents an experience that will no doubt be etched into your memory for years to come. And you will be back.

The award winning mansion offers 27 unique rooms & suites, amazing views of the Castle’s-Rock of Monemvasia, the endless blue of the Aegean and its private owned vineyards.

Corporate Retreats

Everyone in Monemvasia – and especially the Kinsterna – is naturally friendly and accommodating. This is because the Southern Peloponnese has a relaxed magic to it that brings people together – a certain charisma that cities lack.

The corporate world has evolved, realizing the importance for true human experiences and exchanges, as well as the need for equilibrium and nature. The Kinsterna offers a ‘reset button’ to business teams who want to integrate this beautiful, natural experience into their ethos. This property is a well-kept secret in the business world, which a select number businesses and companies have incorporated into their non-business activities.

The Kinsterna’s natural surroundings, outdoor activities, spring-water pool, peaceful gardens, epicurean cuisine and immaculate spa represent invaluable tools for strengthening the bonds within a group. The indoor library hall that can fit up to 50 people and also the new conference hall that can fit up to 200 people offer an excellent locale for meetings, seminars, games or group activities. This place will help unlock the potential of the people who make a business truly successful.


A historic mansion with a sea view, a nearby castle with a moat, an Eden-like garden with perfumed fruit trees and a divine menu that the ancient gods would be proud of. These are the ingredients of an outstanding wedding that will set you on a wondrous life path. Whether it’s a fairy-tale wedding you’re looking for with a discrete touch of luxury or a more bohemian bourgeois event, the Kinsterna will deliver an unparalleled experience.

Behind the scenes, fine chefs will be preparing exceptional Mediterranean dishes and our management team will be taking up the challenge to create the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime experience. This property delivers extraordinary weddings, not one like the other. Majestic rooms will unveil their glory to the bridal couple and their guests as the estate’s gardens and halls take on a dreamlike aura for the event. A wedding is a tailored affair with personal tastes. Let us inspire you in creating the best one ever.