Project Description

The Hotel – Listen to the Silence…

The Our resort consists of 4 main buildings, an outdoor pool, gardens and groceries, with distinctive Cretan Renaissance architecture, rests on a hillside in absolute harmony with its environment, olive trees and vineyards. While enjoying the breathtaking view on the Peza valley and the Katalagari Kefala, it also
looks in the distance over the mountains of Lasithiotika.

If you wish to share your experience at Katalagari Country Suites you can select a gift for friends or family from the following:

  • Visit our Cellar and choose from our extensive collection of local wines, olive oil, traditional desserts, marmalades, honey, herbs and hand-made soap.
  • Offer your loved ones traditional hand-made knitting/lace, made from our Grandma Atalanti or special hand-made jewellery

Gastronomy – Simplicity in taste

Because one of our strongest beliefs is the declaration of Hippocrates “our medicine is our food“, we take special care for the quality of both ours and your daily diet:

  • We explicitly follow the standards of the Cretan cuisine, which serves as the basis for the well-renowned and well-respected Mediterranean diet.
  • We always use fresh vegetables and fruits in season, most coming from our own production or goods supplied only from local reputable producers and dealers.
  • We use solely Cretan extra virgin olive oil from our own production.
  • We serve our own home-made wine as the house wine, along with an extensive collection of locally produced bottled wines.
  • Fresh food is prepared every day so for this reason we ask that you inform us the day before if you are planning to join us for lunch and/or dinner the next day.

Working hours

We serve:

  • Breakfast from 07.30 – 10.00  –  We offer a choice of selected fresh in-season fruits and vegetables, yoghurt and fresh milk, freshly baked bread, Greek sausages, Cretan cheese, pies, cakes and pastries, a variety of teas, a choice of coffees and freshly squeezed juices.
  • Lunch from 12.30 – 16.00  –  We offer our delicious omelets or traditional pasta, always served with freshly cut salads made with in-season vegetables.
  • Dinner from 18.00 – 21.00  –  Most of all what will definitely steal your heart is our selected daily dinner menu! We prepare fresh food every day for you, using only in-season ingredients and always with respect to the values of the Cretan and Mediterranean diet.
  • Ask us to serve you something to drink or to eat, during the day at the swimming pool.

If you wish, we can always serve your breakfast, lunch or dinner in your apartment!

If you arrive late in the evening, we will be more than happy to have a ready-prepared cold plate with delicious local treats (if you would like this service, please inform us prior to your arrival)

Activities – Smell the life


  • Learn how to use Cretan herbs*
  • Make soap with olive oil and herbs*
  • Make yogurt with goat milk*
  • Make bread and baked in the wooden oven*
  • Take part in Yoga and Aqua aerobic sessions *
  • Have fun at our BBQ evenings*
  • Revitalize yourself with a spine-work massage or casual treatment*
  • Make use of our wide variety of board games.


  • Come with us in our groceries garden and learn how to pick the best of them.
  • Visit neighboring areas with beautiful environment
  • Take part in the local fairs and celebrations
  • Learn about traditional arts in local workshops (ceramics, weaving, painting)
  • Visit the excellent local wine producers
  • Visit archeological sites and monuments (Knossos, Festos, Archanes, Gortena and museums)
  • Discover the unspoiled beaches of south Crete by Boat trips
  • Take information for trekking in surrounding areas
  • Rent a Mountain Bike

*  Charged extra – upon request