Project Description

Feel like a local, not like a tourist! A first time live guide to the authentic Crete. Go Crete plans, organizes and leads (driving included) individual day trips to the Authentic Crete.

3 Cretan experts, ready to join you and help you to discover the authentic character of this big island.

Isidoros and Audrius are happy to travel with you showing places very well hidden from popular, famous travel guide books.

They are confident of what we can offer based on our experience with the many happy satisfied people we have had the chance to advise where to travel and what to look for, during their holidays in Crete.


What you can do

  • Explore fantastic beaches with crystal clear water, mostly very well hidden from the tourist crowds
  • Visit locals and watch (or even take part in) their everyday activities (making wine, raki, cheese, gathering olives)
  • Feel life by many local stories based in the villages you visit (about pirates, heroic rebels, brides’ kidnapping, etc.)
  • Enjoy at a local village festival with traditional food and Cretan music – you will be made most welcome!
  • Taste some of the many delights of Cretan cuisine. Maybe even try your hand at cooking your own island dish.
  • Read the tips or browse through our trips’ collection where we share many of the island’s offbeat secrets


Go Crete organises and lead (plus drive) individual – tailor made day trips to the Authentic Crete.

The idea is very simple and is based on the way we would like to be treated when visiting a foreign country and trying to discover the non-tourist side and feel the SOUL of the place.

The Team would like to be completely honest saying that our basic aim is to treat the visitors, not as tourists, not even as guests, but as our future friends.

Go Crete believes more in the power of single humans, joined together in a good cause.

This is why They offer services only to individuals or small groups (usually 4 – 5 members based on a friendly atmosphere with low costs.
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